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Welcome and thank your for visiting website of DR Ridha BESSROUR Dental and Implantalogy clinic

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to be informed onservices available in our clinic also, as instruct you on the density and so that  you keep an excellent denta health.

We guarantee the excellent quality and the aesthetics of our dental care; we do not compromise and work with hi-tech equipements, a drastic hygiene, the best products and modern Dental laboratories.

with a professional and multilingual team we take care to listen to the needs of our patients to better meet their requirements.

this quality to European standards is proposed to rates, up to three times less expensive than in Europe , we therefore welcome patients from many Europeans  countries and others.

Thanks to our clinic, you can link your dental care to a pleasant stay in tunis, combining health  reccreation and tourism.

We therefore excepted you to Tunis , Where we hope to welcome you soon.

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