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Impacted wisdom teeth avulsion

Avulsion of wisdom teeth 

They are the third molars placed after the latest in the series of teeth.

If they erupt, they leave between the ages of 16 and 24 years. They  can be very useful for chewing if they are well aligned. But often the  wisdom teeth are not completely output, which is included in the jaw, and  must be extracted.

Indications of the extraction of wisdom teethe

There are several situations where dentists advise to extract wisdom  teeth, following an infection, to avoid complications

  • When the jaws are not wide enough to allow teeth wisdom to erupt  in an alignment that is useful for chewing.
  •  When wisdom teeth are erupted in part because this situation  provides a door opening for bacteria to enter around the tooth and  cause infection. The teeth partially exits are also more susceptible to  cavities and gum disease because they are more difficult to clean.
  •  A misaligned wisdom teeth may damage the crowd or second molars  as maintaining hygiene is more difficult in this region, making teeth more  vulnerable to tooth decay.
  • To reduce the risk of formation of cysts.  These can be formed around a tooth included.
  • The best time to extract wisdom teeth at the end of adolescence,  since the roots can not be completely trained, making treatment less  complicated. Sometimes a wisdom tooth does not completely,  “landlocked” creating an extension of gum called seal. In normal  situations and ingestion chewing food, this seal can be irritated and  infected.

This condition is manifested by redness, severe pain, bad smell and  difficulty opening the mouth. If the lid does not disappear, it is  recommended to extract the tooth wisdom not to cause complications.

In certain circumstances, if the wisdom tooth is out, but a seal is present,  it is possible to remove the extension of gum without extraction the  wisdom tooth.

Alveolitis Following extraction of a tooth a clot forms in the bone cavity.  Sometimes the clot is dislodged or delays to form, creating the condition  called alveolitis. This situation is characterized by intense pain, a bad  taste in my mouth and sometimes the difficulty opening the mouth. It is  exacerbated by smoking. The alveolitis is a temporary condition that  lasts a few days, perhaps comforted by the dentist with a wick apposant  soaked eugenol.


Objective : is to Confirm the nature of benign lesions apparently  harmless and to identify precancerous lesions or cancer.

 Indications : All oral lesions with persistent epithelial defect such as  leukoplakia, érytroplasies, ulcers, erosive lichen planus atypical or  precancerous oral lesions.

Oral Herpes

It is due to hominis simplex virus type I (different type II, genital  location). This virus, in 85% of cases reached for the first time (primary  infection) the patient silently. Then there is “in reserve” in the lymph  nodes.


The original classic cold sore is due to the recurrence of the virus as a  result of physical or psychological trauma:

– dental infection

– Rules

– Strong emotion

– Exposure to the sun It then causes a rash of small blisters, grouped next to each other in  variable number to form a kind of bouquet: the cold sore.


Treatment Individuals, who are often achieved, know the warning signs  of emergence racers of the cold sore (burning sensation local) and  causes which lead to his appearance. In this case, and just before the  appearance of lesions, we can use products such Zovirax, Acyclovir  which stop the development of the virus.

But when it has already caused the appearance of the lesion, it is  important not to risk contaminating other parts of the mouth. This cold  sore decline spontaneously after 10 to 15 days.

Canker sores

Canker sores are most often banal. Sometimes, their size (giant canker  sores), their number and frequency of outbreaks are alarming.  They then require special explorations in search of associated diseases.



The sinus cavities are bone covered with a mucous membrane.  They communicate with the nasal cavity through small ducts.  When an infection occurs in your nose, it can spread in your sinuses.  The lining swells and ignites is sinusitis! Acute or chronic sinusitis Two  stand out: acute and chronic.

In the first case, it was often after a viral infection of the respiratory  tract, such as colds. You then have a fever, headache, are tired and  experiencing a sensation of pressure on the face. This type of sinusitis  may also come from a dental abscess, pollution, or an allergy. You  dispose generally after three weeks and have not more than three per  year.

However, if your sinusitis is long term and becomes repetitive, it is  classified as chronic. It is often caused by allergies to pollen, mites,  animals, but also to the presence of polyps (outgrowth of the mucous  membrane that blocks the sinuses).

What treatment?
To disinfect the sinuses, your doctor will prescribe drops or nasal sprays.  Depending on the size of your sinusitis, it may also give you antibiotics  and anti-inflammatory.  In a chronic sinusitis, you may need to undergo surgery. The doctor  drains. If polyps obstruct your sinuses, hi removes them.

Our advice to avoid sinusitis:
-Wash your hands well
– Do not be exposed to allergens
– Avoid smoking and smoky places-Clear all the infectious origin of  dental conducting regular checks with your dentist

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