Dental decays

Decays prevention rather than cure this chronic disease of the common man. It affects both the teeth as teeth final and both men children.

The cavity is the number one enemy of our smile. Discover the four  stages of the disease that attacks our teeth.

Step 1: Destruction of the enamel, no pain.

Stade 2: La dentine est agressée. Moins dure que l’email , elle laissera la maladie s’étendre profondément. Le chaud, le sucré et l’acide peuvent provoquer la douleur.

Stade 3 : L’invasion bactérienne progresse et attaque la pulpe. De violents douleurs spontanées apparaissent , c’est la rage de dent.

Stade 4 : La prolifération bactérienne progresse vers les tissus qui environnent la dent  (ligament , os, gencive) . C’est l’abcès dentaire. Ce microbes peuvent migrer par voie  sanguine dans tout l’organisme, le cœur , les sinus , les reins , les yeux ,les articulations…

One should remember that without treatment, the caries process still  evolving. There is no cure or spontaneous shutdown of the disease.

The care of a bunt:

care protectors are designed to preserve the flesh and keep the tooth  alive. The reconstruction of the form made with a mix cement or a  composite colour identical to the tooth.

It also uses small blocks of metal or resin (inlays) made from an imprint  of the tooth. An inspection every six months with your dentist even in the  absence of pain can prevent the development of caries and allow their  treatment at an early stage.

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