Pregnancy causes physical changes that may have significant effects on  oral health of the mother. Under the effect of new hormones, it may  have signs of fatigue, nausea and vomiting in the first trimester of  pregnancy, which usually fade thereafter. It may also have an  excessive appetite for unusual dishes, which increases the risk of  developing cavities. The application of topical fluoride toothpaste with  fluoride is much more efficient for the mother and less risk to the foetus.

In addition to increasing appetite, hormonal changes make the gingival  tissue susceptible to inflammation, causing an acute gingival often  called pregnancy gingivitis. This situation returns to normal after  delivery. In early pregnancy and even before, that if it was scheduled,  it is recommended that pregnant women to make a visit for teeth  cleaning and scaling, and maintain a good oral hygiene thereafter.

It must warn of his condition. We do not generally make Radiography  except in cases of extreme necessity with lead apron because the  foetus is sensitive to radiation. Other types of dental treatment will be  preferably in the second trimester of pregnancy. Local anaesthesia  administered during a dental treatment is safe for the foetus,  regardless of the trimester of pregnancy.

However, certain medications can cause foetal malformations.

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