Endodontici trattamenti


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 Motorized root treatment (Siroendo + Mtwo) and filling  with calibrated gutta percha. 

Endodontic treatment is to:  

  • eliminate what remains of living tissues infected or potentially infected inside the tooth (dental pulp).
  • Well clean the inside of the tooth, by a mechanical scraping the inner surface of pulped channels  (using endo files manual or mechanical), associated with a chemical irrigation with sodium  hypochlorite, which is the most effective disinfectant. 
  • To form the canal until light apical foramen, using mechanized limes (systems NITI 1) so that the  irrigation solution penetrates everywhere. Indeed she is “treating” the tooth.
  • Dry the canal system
  • Achieve shutter canal, often with gutta-percha heated or cold, linked to the walls with a cement  canal (usually a mixture of zinc oxide and eugenol)
  • Then it will rebuild the tooth, or with a shutter coronary if this tooth is not too dilapidated or by a  recovery prosthetic (crown) if it is too dilapidated.


Dental cysts correction by resuming root canal treatment



Resume of root canal defective treatments

Apical Surgery

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