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Dental implants

 Long experience and successful reports :
For over 40 years, dental implants have offered a way of replacing  teeth completely and long-term. Dental implants:
  • Replace one or more lost teeth
  • Hold prostheses securely in the mouth
  • Are scientifically researched and tested (convincing success rates of over 96%).
  • Have been used successfully in dentistry for decades.

For you to, dental implants may represent a means of restoring a better  quality of life, confidence in you and well-being natural.  Our clinic opts for one of the implant system more reliable and hitec.   Straumann, is a Swiss company that specializes in the production of  tools and components for dental implantology. It is a world leader in its  field.

What is a dental implants?

A tooth root made of titanium*

A dental implant is a small screw made of metal. It consists of titanium,  which is well tolerated as the body accepts it as its own. Intolerance  occurs rarely.

A short and painless operation for a long-term solution
In order to take over the function of the tooth root, the dental implant is  inserted in the jaw bone by a short operation under local anesthetic as  an outpatient procedure. It knits painlessly with the bone, thus forming a  solid basis for the long-term and stable fixation of the denture.

Esthetic from the start
Depending on the situation it is possible to load the implant  immediately after insertion and attach the final denture. However, since  the long-term success should be the main priority in every implant  treatment, this decision can only be made after the dentist has carefully  considered the medical situation. If the denture cannot be attached  immediately, an esthetic temporary denture is placed until the time is  right for the final restoration.

implants indication

1. Missing single tooth

The implant takes over the function of the tooth root and transmits the chewing  force from the tooth crown to the jaw bone.
This natural stress keeps the jaw bone vital so that it does not atrophy.  However, a new tooth is not only intended to fulfil its natural function  but should not be distinguishable in apperance from the neighboring teeth, especially in the front. An attractive treatment result is particularly important in these cases.

Fixed implant-borne teeth not only look like your own teeth, they also feel like them. The implant, crown and gums form a harmonious unit.

The dental implant replaces the lost tooth root and acts as a post for the implant crown. Grinding the neighboring
teeth is not necessary so healthy tooth substance is preserved.

2. Serval missing teeth

In order to prevent bone loss and malposistion of the teeth and jaw, a  gap involving sereval teeth should be closed rapidly not only from the functional aspect but also from the medical aspect. The individual situation determines the number of implants used.
A major advantage of implant-borne bridges is that the healthy neighboring teeth do not have to be ground.
From the esthetic aspect, too , implant-borne bridges are a better alternative as they end optimally at the gums in most cases.

Replacement of several teeth in front with an implant-borne bridge.




Replacement of several teeth in back with an implant-borne bridge.


3.  Completely toothless jaw

Implant dentistry offfers removable protheses and non-removable rows of teeth to restore completely toothless jaws. The advantages of the two solutions compared to classical adhesive dentures speak for themselves:

  • Protheses on implants offer secure hold in any situation.
  •   The chewing forces are transmitted to the bone. This prevents bone atrophy and thus ensures optimal prothesis fit in the longb term.
  • With implant-anchored protheses , there are no painful pressure
  • The palate remains free from prothesisi material. The sense of taste end thus enjoyment of eating are not impaired.

The most attractive-looking solution for toothesis jaws is a row of teeth fixed with screws. It is fixed directly to the implants and  usually ends harmoniously at the gums.

For removable dentures there are other methods of fixation such as magnets. Ask your dentist so that you can find out about the entire range of possibilities.


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  • Assessment of the general state of health
  • Examination of the entire oral cavity and assessment of oral health

Information about the advantages and disadvantages of the various  treatment possibilities, taking individual wishes into account depending  on what is feasible and the initial medical situation.

Taking X-rays for exact planning of the operation. This is done to  assess the available bone volume and determine the exact position of  the implant. Computed tomography may also be used to determine the  bone volume and bone quality.

Inserting the implant

Inserting the implant


The actual implantation takes only a short time. With correct  preparation and implementation, the risks are minimal. Compared to  extraction of a wisdom tooth, implantation is associated with fewer risks  and possible complications.

Inserting a single implant usually lasts no more than 30 minutes but can  also take longer depending on the difficulty.

Dental implants are usually inserted under local anesthetic as an  outpatient procedure, or under general anesthetic if preferred.


To provide a stable basis for the new tooth in the  long term, the implant must knit firmly with the  bone. The healing period lasts 6-8 weeks on  average, depending on the medical situation  and bone quality and usually produces no pain  or other complaints.

Regular and conscientious oral hygiene is crucial for successful healing.  If the dentist’s instructions are followed, the healing period nearly  always passes without problems.

In the healing period, an esthetic temporary denture fills the gap until  the final denture is fitted. In a few cases and after careful  investigation, it is also possible to fix the final restoration when the  implant is inserted.

Final denture

After healing is complete, the crown made individually for the patient in  the dental laboratory is fixed to the implant. The crown can be either  cemented or screwed to the implant. Implant-borne removable dentures are secured to retainers, which the  patient can remove from the mouth for cleaning.


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