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Temporo-mandibular joint disorders 

Dysfunction of the temporo mandibular joint resulting in pain, crackle  projection of the opening and closing.  Its proximity to the ear can cause tinnitus, or earache of dizziness or  ear bite. The causes of dysfunction are:

  • Poor occlusion: degradation of the blockage affects futures  articulation jaws.
  • The existence of parafonctions (tighten teeth, teeth grinding or  bruxism) generated or worsened by stress.

1-Natural evolution

Natural evolution shows that the pains  show a progressive disease spontaneously  to a osteoarthritis, symptomatic with  regression.


The conservative attitude is based on the often simultaneous use of  physiotherapy techniques maxillo-facial with occlusal gutters, followed  by a stabilization of occluders dental optimally as possible.  The gutters occlusal used to treat pain in the ATM are gutters resin  manufactured on plaster models obtained through fingerprinting The  beneficial effect of gutters is essentially and quickly analgesic, and is  somehow in a resting mechanics ATM.  This treatment is temporary; an etiological treatment is unfortunately  rarely possible in view of the multi factors.  The stabilization of dental occlusion is desired but can not always be  obtained through conservative dental prosthetic, braces or surgery  depending on the complexity of cases, functional residual and age.  Together if necessary, medications can be used.  Always for a limited time, their effect is temporary: anti-inflammatory  non-steroidal, muscle relaxants….


Bruxism occurs during sleep was described as tightness or  grinding teeth during sleep. It is also associated with episodes  of tightness of the jaw.

The consequences of bruxism are: wear and abrasion of teeth,  headaches, oral-facial pain, pain in the temporomandibular  articulation and a reawakening to the family sleep disturbed  by the creaking.

An occlusal equilibration and the port of gutters during sleep  are part of comprehensive treatment of bruxism.


Ronflement et apnée de sommeil

Snoring is most embarrassing that a medical problem, but it can  sometimes degenerate into sleep apnea, is the cessation of breathing  during sleep. Snoring occurs when the airways narrow between the back  of the tongue and soft palate. The air vibrates from under the soft  palate, causing the sound of snoring. The language blocking the  airways causes breathing, or sleep apnea.

Over the subject tries to breathe more obstructed airway. This may  occur rarely or frequently. Sleep apnea reduces the amount of air  entering the respiratory tract, thus reducing the level of oxygen in the  body. This problem is sometimes a precursor of an emergency or heart  disease and other serious medical disorders.

For some time, there is another simple and more effective, the  mandibular splint for Advanced OAM. It makes use of oral and  orthodontic appliances, which are placed in the mouth in order to  advance the lower jaw to free the airway during sleep. This also  prevents the language to block the passage. We conduct a thorough  review to eliminate any problem then we determine, if necessary, the  best position for your jaw before making custom orthotics that suits you  best.

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