General Dentistry

Consultation & Dental Diagnisis

The dental examination is to check the condition of the teeth and oral structures by the  dentist and to ensure their proper condition. An examination at intervals of six months  is essential to keep your teeth healthy for life.

 What we can detect in a dental examination:

-The deterioration of fillings, bridges and other restorations.

-The cavities between teeth under the gum on the root exposed by the gum  and  cavities under the fillings.

-The periodontal pockets and the first signs of gum disease.

-The cracks and broken teeth.

-The wisdom teeth problems.

-The first signs of oral cancer.

-The signs and symptoms of other diseases in general.

Dental X-ray & examine

Intra-oral X-ray & panoramic

During your first visit or request quotations through our site, it is advisable to have a  panoramic x-ray showing the teeth and jaw structures.

In the cabinet we can take digital intra-oral X-rays , smaller but much more precise  and very safe because it requires very small amounts of radiation given the high  sensitivity of the digital sensor.

Other subsequent X-rays can be taken during visits reminder to ensure the good  condition of the teeth.

Decay treatments & Dental Fillings

The dental fillings are used to repair the damage created by cavities or restore the  tooth form and function in case of dilapidation larger or fractures.  There are many materials available for filling teeth. The choice of material is ideal depending on the location, extent of the cavities, repair costs and their indications.

  1.  Amalgam Fillings  

It is the oldest material. Commonly known as “seal”, it contains no lead. It is made of  mercury, silver, copper, tin, zinc& The proportion of these metals determines the kind  of amalgam.

In our office we use the latest generation amalgam called HCSC (for “High copper  single composition”) are high-grade copper and very low mercury content.

Disadvantages: Not aesthetics. Its potential toxicity, mainly due to the presence of  mercury, is the subject of much controversy.

He is not indicated for childrens, pregnant women and people with kidney damage.

Advantages: It is cheap and easy to use and is very resistant .

For these reasons in our office we will use that in some absolute indications; tooth concerned devitalized and destined to be crowned, in this scenario all the disadvantages cited are absent.

   2.  Composites fillings

These materials are much more recent. Initially they were used mainly for aesthetic  reasons on the anterior teeth. But significant progress can now use a much broader,  complementary with amalgam. They are composed of mineral charges diameter more  or less embedded in a matrix organic greater or lesser extent. This proportion and the  size of mineral particles determine the type of composite. They are glued to the tooth  through a chemical preparation of dental surfaces.

Advantages: More flexible than amalgam (hardness very close to that of dentin) and  aesthetics.

In our office we use the first composite post with a volume contraction of less than 1%  Based on the latest innovations in terms of products 3M ESPE, Filtek “. This reduces by  80% stress polymerization and accordingly, we get an excellent integrity at the limits  of restoration.


The ceramic inlaid are more aesthetic and resistant than the composite; Made entirely  of ceramic, they require preparation of the tooth and an empress is taken to enable  their manufacture dental laboratory. This material lasts longer, at least 15 years but  more expensive.

Simple dental Avulsions

The simple avulsions are performed under local anesthesia on teeth that are visible in  the mouth, which are not excessively damaged by decay and that can be extracted  without complication.

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