Teeth whitening

Whiter teeth in less than 1 hour with Zoom! Advanced  Power Your smile is important. This is one of the first things  you notice when meeting someone for the first time. Your  lifestyle and your age affect the colour of your teeth.  Indeed, several practices may contribute to the yellowing  teeth such as caffeine, tea, red wine or tobacco. The tooth  whitening done by your dentist can make your smile more  attractive. As for products sold freely available, they most  often provide poor results. The service tooth whitening in 1  hour you have the following advantages :

  •   Quick and convenient (1 appointment only)
  •    Long-term Results
  •  Few tooth sensitivity following treatment
  • Safe and effective
  • Carried out by a professional dental health.

The procedure is simple. Everything begins with the preparation which aims to cover your lips and gums.

The professional applies the whitening gel. The freeze will then be activated through the tube “Zoom”.

During treatment, you can listen to music. The gel is applied 3 times for 15 minutes for a total of 45 minutes.

Treatment Achieved.

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